Planning Your Luxury Picnic For Your Next Event

How It Works

1. Choose your preferred picnic package
We have three types available for your event - our signature Soiree table, Bohemian Luxe and Luxury Teepee.

2. Choose your preferred style
Once you know what type of picnic package you are after, choose from our 4 styles and colours.

-Bohemian Luxe

-Luxury Teepee

-Soiree Table


3. Choose your add-ons
Want to add:

Grazing Platters?

Grazing table?

Extra cushions?

3 tier cupcake stand?

4. Email us to plan Picnic 
Once you have decided on the above, please email us with the datelocationpicnic style, and the number of guests, so we can let you know if we are available.